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Today's stock market investment stance
updated Oct 18, 2017 at 8:05 PM Eastern
Historical back-tested results
MethodToday's position Internal price forces
(scale 0-10)
Avgerage gain
1950 - today
Average trades
per year
1950 - 19671968 - 19771978 - 19992000 - Today
Bot13_20.A1In Stocks
(SPY or IVV)
4.1 (Neutral) 11.76%/Year 1.1/Year 12.15%/Year 11.97%/Year 14.80%/Year 10.80%/Year
Bot13_20.A2In Stocks
(SPY or IVV)
4.1 (Neutral) 13.17%/Year 1.6/Year 13.87%/Year 13.28%/Year 17.16%/Year 12.89%/Year
Buy and Hold(always in stocks)
(n.a.) 7.68%/Year0 (n.a.) 10.15%/Year -0.24%/Year 13.27%/Year 3.22%/Year